Take the impact out of fitness – try the Aquajogger for free

What is the Aquajogger?

Photo of an aquajoggerThe Aquajogger is a buoyancy belt that allows an early return to swimming pool exercises when you have an injury that would otherwise stop you from exercising. It clips around the waist and keeps your feet off the bottom of the pool, allowing the user to run without putting weight through their injury. It can significantly reduce the time that someone is out with a sports injury.

The Aquajogger is ideal where you have an injury that requires a rest from the impact of your normal sport. It enables you to allow the injury to recover, without suffering a decline in your general fitness level. By maintaining your general fitness in the pool, the recovery process is accelerated and you can get back to your sport faster.

The benefits of exercise in water can be continued even after regaining full fitness. These include:

  1. The pressure of the water in the pool improves circulation and reduces swelling in the injured areas.
  2. Water increases joint mobility and flexibility.
  3. Water induces relaxation and provides a feeling of well-being.
  4. Water pressure increases blood volume per heart stroke (this works your heart muscle more and over time your heart gets more efficient), enhancing cardiac conditioning. 


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