Waterfront Swim Academy

Please note Swim Academy is not available during Covid-19 restrictions. We will update this page as soon as this service is available again. Thank you for your understanding.

Classes begin in September run until June with the school timetable.

The classes run for 8 week terms

The times and class duration of clases will be as follows


levels 1-3 at  3.15pm-3:45pm

levels 1-5 4:00pm – 4.45pm


levels 1-3 at 3.15pm-3.45pm

levels 1-5 at 4:00pm – 4.45pm

Lane coaching 5:00pm


levels 1-5 at 4:00pm – 4.45pm


levels 1-3 at 3.15pm-3.45pm

levels 1-5 at 4:00pm – 4.45pm

Lane coaching 5:00pm


levels 1-5 at 4:00pm – 4.45pm

Lane coaching 5:00pm

Level 1       

Students must be at least 4 years old. Entry level course designed to help students feel comfortable and safe in the water; students will learn elementary aquatic skills and water exploration.

 Level 2

This level teaches the beginning of true locomotion skills and promotes self-help; students learn rhythmic breathing and the fundamentals of both the front and back crawls.

Level 3

Students learn to coordinate the front and back crawls plus the fundamentals of the elementary backstroke, breaststroke and treading water.

Level 4

Students build endurance by swimming the elementary backstroke and front and back crawls. Plus they learn more basics of the breast stroke, side stroke and turning at the wall.

Level 5

Students will coordinate and refine key strokes and increase distances. Further development of diving, turns, breast stroke and side stroke is also included.

level 1-5

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